Committee of Management

Bowen Street Community Centre is run by a committee of management


The President is the leader of the Committee Of Management (COM).  The President oversees and supports the performance of the COM and the Centre Co-ordinator.  The President takes responsibility for the agenda items at each meeting, ensures the meeting is conducted in a constructive manner and ensures follow up actions are effected appropriately.  The President is also the Public Officer of the Centre and is required to sign off certain legal and other documents as required by the Constitution.

Vice President

The Vice-President assists and provides support to the President with all presidential roles and responsibilities where required or instructed.  In particular, the Vice President is responsible for overseeing subcommittees that are established by the COM.  It is expected that the Vice-President will take on all the duties of the President, if the President is unable to attend meetings and activities.


The Secretary is responsible for ensuring all information from and for COM activities is recorded appropriately and distributed as required to COM members.  This includes taking minutes at the monthly COM meetings and distributing these minutes in a timely manner.


The Treasurer is responsible for the maintenance of all financial records and related statutory obligations of the Centre.  The Treasurer is required to present monthly financial highlights to the COM and ensure that the COM are aware of the Centre’s financial performance and position.  The Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of the annual Budget and for the preparation and submission of the annual Financial Statements to the Centre’s auditor.

Staff Liaison Officer

The Staff Liaison Officer is responsible for research, advice, legislative compliance, consultation and communication between staff and the COM for all employee related matters of the Centre.

Playgroup Liaison Officer

The Playgroup Liaison Officer is required to liaise closely with the BSCC playgroups, and in particular the Playgroup leaders to ensure open communication within the Centre. The Playgroup Liaison Officer encourages playgroup members to have an active participation and responsibility towards BSCC.  Additionally the Playgroup Liaison Officer co-ordinates playgroup related events such as the bi-annual playgroup fundraising efforts.

Community Outreach Officer

The Community Outreach Officer liaises with the BSCC community, other committee members and the BSCC staff in order to ensure that appropriate community activities are supported.

Marketing Officer

The Marketing Officer is responsible for generating and circulating a regular newsletter to inform the Bowen Street Community effectively  and accurately of all pertinent news. The Marketing Officer also maintains the BSCC website as well as helping with marketing related activities.

General Committee

A General Committee member is expected to attend and proactively involve themselves in monthly COM meetings and become involved in projects or subcommittees where required.

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    Australian Bra Drop-Off locations are closed.  Uplift Project needs to protect both its volunteers and its donors during this period of uncertainty.  Like many other non-essential enterprises we have decided to halt collection activities for the foreseeable future.  We will re-open when safe to do so. Read more...

  • Childcare: Application for Enrolment

    Bowen Street is an Approved Childcare Subsidy Centre


    To secure a childcare spot please download and complete the relevant form(s) below  

    2021 Childcare Enrolment Form

    Term Dates 2021 

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